IBM solutions by Vanguard Networks

Vanguard Networks’ IBM® solutions

Vanguard Networks’ Multiservice Networking Solutions can be applied to almost any deployment of IBM Technology and Application. Vanguard Networks has tested and documented the interoperability of Vanguard Networks’ devices with SNA and BSC for On Line Transaction Processors, BSC to TCP/IP for ATM networks and AS400 communications server.

Enterprise IP Connector Enterprise SNA Connector
  • Retain investment in BSC ATMS
  • Eliminate costly leased lines
  • Host switch termination using only TCP/IP
  • Reduce host maintenance costs (IP Only)
  • Fully compatible with all BSC3270 ATM’s (Diebold, Fujitsu, NCR, Trident) and host s/w Base24, Status and position
  • Eliminates FEP and serial connectivity in Data Center
  • Upgrade to latest host server technology
  • Retain remote SDLC Financial Controllers and ATMs
  • SDLC terminated at remote site
  • All host termination over OSA (Ethernet) to Communications Server
Enterprise BSC Connector AS/400 Connector
  • Retain investment in BSC3270 ATMs
  • BSC3780 FSP to Bank Processor links full support
  • Optimize use on SNA host subsystem for non-SNA devices
  • Compatible to IBM OSA (Ethernet) and Communications Server
  • Eliminate costly leased lines
  • Allows attachment of ‘vintage’ 5250 controllers to new AS/400 servers via LAN
  • Vanguard appears to the AS/400 as a 5494 Ethernet attached Remote Controller
  • Retain remote 5394 SDLC controllers
  • Fully compatible to all IBM and non-IBM compatible (Perle) remote controllers

Vanguard Networks history with IBM®

IBM develops and manufactures information technologies, including computer systems, software, networking systems, storage devices and microelectronics worldwide. Vanguard Networks is a worldwide IBM PartnerWorld Advanced Partner and through alliance programs involving product roadmap alignment, certification and joint development, Vanguard Networks focuses on delivering secure, cost-effective and available IBM solutions…read more

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