Raymar Information Technology, Inc. is pleased to introduce Technology Bridge International, a new solutions-based division, dedicated to efficiently addressing our customers’ requirements, when bridging legacy environments to next-generation engineering. Centuries of aggregated experience, sophisticated R&D facilities, bold inventories, and a broad spectrum of coveted industry-relationships, allow “TechBridge,” to deliver unique, high-performance, sustainable solutions to the most difficult problems, in the most demanding environments, for our most valued customers. For more than 30 years, Aerospace, Finance, Defense, Education, Transportation, Telecom, and Energy industries have relied upon Raymar and its affiliates, for rock-solid results. TechBridge represents the next step forward in providing that industry standard of superior customer service.
Bridging Yesterdays Technology with Tomorrows Infrastructure.
It is vital for today’s organizations to get more value for their dollar without neglecting the mission- critical importance of compatible engineering. Our experienced teams create systems designed to integrate disparate technologies into seamless networks that migrate serial to IP, copper to fiber, X.25 to MPLS, standalone to wireless-mesh, and more.Whether it is product procurement, network consultancy, full- or hybrid- managed-services, migration strategies will be developed and executed at your pace. TechBridge has the experience and resources to guarantee quality solutions. Product Families include:


Donald L. Breidenbach Managing Director


Bridging Yesterdays Technology with Tomorrows Infrastructure



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