Chassis for All FOI Series, 9 Slot 3U RMC-3101


The RMC-3101 provides up to nine available slots for any fiber optic isolator or telephone disconnect unit. The tenth available slot must be occupied by a PSM-3010 power supply module. Each RMC-3101 will be shipped with one PSM-3010. A second PSM-3010 may also be added for power redundancy, leaving eight available slots for any fiber optic isolator. If the first PSM-3010 fails, the second PSM-3010 will take over the entire load and carry on normally. A cable bay is provided below the module bay for cable routing and enhanced air fl ow through two rear exhaust fans and a vented front panel.
An RMC-3102 is identical to the RMC-3101 with the addition of an optical patch bay mounted on the rear.
Each fiber optic isolator must also be accompanied by a CMA-3002 chassis mount adapter, which slides the fiber optic isolator into the slot and assures correct alignment of the isolator power connector to the power bus inside the RMC-3101.
FiberPlex recommends the RMC-3101R for TEMPEST or other high security applications.

  • 3U Chassis holds up to 9 FOI isolators
  • Power redundancy is available with a second power module (only 8 FOIs fit with redundant power)
  • Each FOI isolator is easily accessable through a removable front panel
  • Enhanced cooling via tow rear mounted exhaust fans
Speed Max Air Pressure Air Flow Noise
2500 RPM 3.5 mmH2O 0.14 InchH2O 50.5 CFM 1.43 m3/min 34dBA @ 1M
Height Width Depth Weight
5.25 in (133mm) 19 in (483 mm) 12.75 (234 mm) 22 lb (10 kg)
    Min Typ Max Unit
Power Supply Input Voltage 85 250 VAC
Input Frequency 40 400 Hz
Input Power 75 W
Output Voltage 9 VDC
Supply Current 8.3 A
Ouput Power 75 W
Environmental Storage Temperature -40 85 °C
Operating Temperature 0 50 °C
    Length Width Height Weight
Case Dimensions PSM-3010 9.559 in (243 mm) 1.57 in (40 mm) 3.468 in (88 mm) 1.6 lb (0.7 kg)