DC Input Standalone Power for FOI Series
PSQ-2920, PSQ-3920, PSQ-4920

The PSQ-2920, PSQ-3920 and PSQ-4920 are compact DC power supplies which attach to and the provide operating voltage for FiberPlex’s FOI series isolators. They can power the FiberPlex FOI units with a 12-48 VDC external supply. These DC power supplies are not polarity sensitive, V+ and V- may be reversed for DC inputs. They are equipped with a resettable fuse to protect both the supply and the FOI.This power supply is not recommended for high security or TEMPEST applications. See the PSQ-2910, PSQ-3910 or PSQ-4910 for applications where RFI supression is critical.The FiberPlex PSQ supply has been updated to be easier to assemble. Previous versions of the PSQ required a separate bracket and multi-step process to attach the supply to an FOI. This new design you just pop on the back of the FOI and tighten two thumb screws. The all enclosed design will also meet the most stringent safety standards.For more rugged mounting, wall mount adapters, WMA-2001 and WMA-3002, are available to secure the power supply and fiber optic isolator with screws. Both WMA-2001 and WMA-3002 are compatible with all PSQ and FOI series. The WMA-2001 has an optical patch while the WMA-3002 does not. The wall mount adapter attaches to either a horizontal or vertical flat surface and provides a convenient termination point which protects both the fiber optic cable and the fiber optic isolator from damage.

  • 9 VDC, 9 Watt power supplies for FOI Isolators
  • New! Easy, bracket free attachment
Min Typ Max Unit
Power Supply Input Voltage 12 48 VDC
Output Voltage 9 VDC
Supply Current 1 A
Ouput Power 9 W
Environmental Storage Temperature -40 85 °C
Operating Temperature -25 50 °C
Width Height Length
Case Dimensions PSQ-2920 1.312 in (33 mm) 2.562 in (65 mm) 2.25 in (57 mm) 0.8 lb (0.4 kg)
PSQ-3920 1.453 in (40 mm) 3.188 in (81 mm) 2.375 in (60 mm) 0.8 lb (0.4 kg)
PSQ-4920 1.453 in (40 mm) 2.562 in (65 mm) 2.25 in (57 mm) 0.8 lb (0.4 kg)