Wall Mount Adapters for FOI Series
WMA-2001, 3002

 Wall MountA1


The WMA-2001, and WMA-3002 are designed to provide a stable platform for FiberPlex’s fiber optic isolators and interface converters.

The wall mount adapter attaches to either a horizontal or vertical flat surface and provides a convenient termination point which protects both the fiber optic cable and the fiber optic isolator from damage.

Wall Mount Adapter Compatible FOI
WMA-2001(includes optical patch) ALL FOI


  • Provides stable mounting for standalone FOI and PSQ
  • WMA-2001 includes optical patch
Width Height Length Unit
WMA-2001 1.5 (38) 4.25 (108) 4.5 (114) in (mm)
WMA-3002 1.5 (38) 4.5 (114) 5 (127) in (mm)
  • WMA-2001 – Wall Mount Adapter for use with FOI Isolators, Includes Optical Patch
  • WMA-3002 – Wall Mount Adapter for use with FOI Isolators