Raymar-Henrich Network Management Software

  • Features and Benefits
  • Discovers and visualizes network devices automatically
  • Tracks past network status and events by playback
  • Monitors up to 2000 network devices and notifies users in real time when events occur
  • Provides central management of configurations and firmware for Moxa devices
  • Presents historical traffic statistics and comprehensive event logs for troubleshooting

Automatic Topology Discovery and Visualization
Discovers Raymar-Henrich devices and SNMP/ICMP devices within scan ranges
Maps physical wiring automatically or manually
Tabbed windows for multi-layer grouping
Visualized VLAN groups and IGMP snooping roles
Visualized front panel of device to display ports and LED indicators
Visualized trunking link and wireless link
Topology map can be migrated from site to site
Changeable device icons

Real-time Event Notification
Detects problems by SNMP Inform or Trap in real time
Periodical polling for comprehensive problems
Abnormal devices and links are highlighted in maps with specified colors
Notifies users based on events, including link down, power down, SNMP failure, bandwidth utilization, and packet error rate
Event notification can be sent remotely via SMS and email
Event can be alarmed locally by beep and program

Traffic Reports and Event Logs
Playback interface tracks network status and events any time in the past month
Collect bandwidth utilization and error packet rate statistics
Provides comprehensive event history for troubleshooting
Traffic report and event log can be stored