Magnum DX940 Configurable Router with Cellular

Secure and Reliable

High speed data access over cellular communications is a new choice for reaching the local networks in remote industrial facilities. This cellular technology is used to transfer data in the Magnum DX940 Industrial Router.
The Cellular WAN interface in the DX940 provides a secure and reliable way to provide connectivity over a cellular network to utility substations, roadside traffic controls, energy generation locations, transportation depots, and other locations where cellular signals are readily available.

  • Configurable network Interfaces of 4 types:
    • Cellular Wireless
    • Ethernet ports
    • T1/E1 or DDS WAN
    • Serial RS232/RS485
  • Substation hardened, -40 ° to +85 ° C, no fans
  • Modbus TCP ASCII/RTU internetworking
  • Cyber security: IPsec, VPN, SSL and firewall
  • Panel, DIN-Rail or rack mounting
Serial DB9 Ports RS232/RS485 software selectable DB9 interface. Serial data rate from 300 bps to 230.4 kbps. Data length – 1-32 bits.
RJ-45 Ports 100 or 10 Mb speed, full or half-duplex mode, per port, individually determined. 10/100 auto-negotiating & auto-cross
Fiber Ports Configurable in modules at 2 per module, or SFF (Small Form Factor) for high fiber port density, 4 per module. Each FDX or HDX, default is FDX mode.
Gigabit Ports, 1000 Mb Configurable, std. See configuration guide for selection of modules
Cellular WAN Ports 3G EVDO REV A, EVDO, CDMA,; Frequency – 1900MHz/800 MHz; supports antenna diversity. Cellular Antennas – optional high gain external antennas available. Used when the cellular signal is weak or not available due to enclosed areas.
WAN Ports DDS: 56/64 kbps OR T1/E1: 1.544 Mbps / 2.048 Mbps G.703; Full rate and fractional (N*56/64kbps); Integral CSU/DSU

Auto-Negotiation on TP IEEE 802.3z, 802.3ab, 802.1p: 100BASE-TX, -FX, 1000BASE-SX, -LX
Flow Control & Prioritization TP, IEEE 802.3u
VLANs Compliant
Spanning Tree Compliant
DiffServ IEEE 802.1p: DiffServ, traffic prioritization for routed IP flows/ports