LS300 – Compact, industrial 3G gateway

The AirLink® LS300 gateway has a small footprint for easy installation and a rugged, military spec design (MIL-STD 810) that enables it to withstand extreme temperature changes, humidity, shock, and vibration.Certified for hazardous environments (Class I, Div 2), the LS300 is ideal for industrial deployments. Designed to be the next generation, all-in-one successor to the market leading Raven gateways, the LS300 comes standard with Ethernet, serial, digital I/O, and USB interfaces, as well as GPS.

ALEOS™ embedded intelligence is the power behind AirLink gateways that enables them to connect with industrial, enterprise, and transportation equipment out-of-the-box. Its rich set of configurable parameters simplifies device deployment and decreases your time-to-market by:

  1. Providing 2-way communication between connected machines and AirLink gateways over Ethernet, Serial, Digital and Analog I/O, USB, and Wi-Fi
  2. Getting machine information in and out of standard protocols.
  3. Sending and receiving secure communication packets over cellular networks to backend IT systems and cloud services

With automatic fallback to other cellular networks, ALEOS is built to get connected, stay connected, and never get disconnected. Together with AirVantage Management Service, ALEOS enables you to set up your own security and networking settings (ie. VPN tunneling, port forwarding, and routing); activate GPS location tracking; and generate reports without any programming.

Application Framework

Easily gather additional field data using a simple scripting language – no deep embedded or wireless expertise required. ALEOS™ Application Framework (AAF) enables you to write custom logic onto the GX or LS Series of gateways to collect and analyze additional information from connected equipment. Integrated with the AirVantage™ Enterprise Platform, you can quickly incorporate field data to build powerful M2M applications using web-friendly APIs.

Configurable options with AirVantage Management Service:

  • Customize device reporting for low or high bandwidth environments
  • Schedule periodic reports on any ALEOS parameter
  • Configure security/networking settings for VPN tunneling, port forwarding, and routing
  • Setup alerts for mission critical applications and export historical data
  • Initiate GPS/Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) tracking protocols
  • Configure I/O settings for communicating with attached assets, including legacy industrial equipment
  • Create templates to rapidly deploy or update the configuration of any number of AirLink gateways at once
  • Activate and deactivate airtime subscriptions with select network carriers

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