Digital Microwave Radio Systems

23GHz Microwave Radio Systems

The Raymar-Telenetics Sierra Digital Microwave Radio Systems (Model 23DS3) synthesized digital millimeter wave radio is a simple, low-cost alternative to leased land-line DS3 circuits and more expensive microwave radio systems. The carrier class performance ensures reliability and integrity of the data connection. High MTBF provides long-term operation in diverse climates with minimal service requirements. Because of cost, response time, or right-of-way constraints with land lines, implementation of the 23DS3 will be quicker, easier, and more affordable.

24GHz Microwave Radio Systems

The Raymar-Telenetics SDC 2423S series, digital millimeter wave radio is a simple, low cost alternative to leased copper or fiber optic landline circuits. Because of cost, response time, or right-of-way constraints with land line, the high


  • 21.2 – 23.6 GHz Licensed Microwave
  • Millimeter Wave Video Link for DS3 Data Transmission
  • Forward Error Correction
  • Performance monitoring & logging
  • Frequency synthesized
  • Output Power level control
  • Configurable performance alarm
  • Remote access capability
  • One-year factory warranty
  • Easy Installation


  • Operating Frequency Tunable
  • Low Power Consumption
  • One-year factory warranty
  • Low Cost
  • One Year Warranty
  • Low Maintenance
  • One-Hour Installation

Part Number Description
310-2320I-0000 2320s-i. 23GHz, Duplex Video, Int. Antenna
310-2320E-0000 2320s-e, 23GHz, Duplex Video, Ext. Antenna
310-2321I-0000 2321s-i, 23GHz, Simplex Video, Int. Antenna
310-2321E-0000 2321s-e, 23GHz, Simplex Video, Ext. Antenna
310-2340I-0000 2340s-i, 23GHz, 4T1, Integrated Antenna
310-2340E-0000 2340s-e, 23GHz, 4T1, External Antenna
310-2341I-0000 2341s-i, 23GHz, 4E, Integrated Antenna
310-2341E-0000 2341s-e, 23GHz,4E1, External Antenna
310-2350I-0000 2350s-i, 23GHz Duplex Base Band, Int. Antenna
310-2350E-0000 2350s-e, 23GHz, Duplex Base Band, Ext. Antenna
310-2351I-0000 2351s-i, 23GHz, Ethernet, 10BaseT, Int. Antenna
310-2351E-0000 23451-e, 23GHz, Ethernet, 10BaseT, Ext. Antenna
310-2352I-0000 2352s-i, 23GHz, Boresite CWP
310-2360I-0000 23DS3i, 23GHz, DS3, 45 Mbps, Int. Antenna
310-2360E-0000 23DS3e, 23GHz, DS3, 45 Mbps, Ext. Antenna
310-23RBS-0000 23RBS Radar Boresite Package
Part Number Description
310-2423I-0000 2423s, 24GHz, Simplex Video, 2-Duplex RS422
310-2471I-0000 2471s, 24GHz, Ethernet, 10BaseT