Motorola 3512 DSU/CSU


With the Motorola 3512 DSU/CSU, you can configure your own custom 64K DSU/CSU. The customizable 1-channel or 4-channel Motorola 3512 DSU/CSU offers a range of easy-to-order options, including Switched 56, TDM/MSU, DualVIEW, and more. The Raymar-Telenetics 3512 is available in either front panel controlled or network managed versions. With the 3512 NMS version, command and control is provided using the Motorola 9000 OMS series over the main channel, carrier provided secondary channel, or derived secondary channel. With standard Dual VIEW , the 3512 NMS provides a direct interface to IBM’s NetVIew, as well as the Motorola 9000 OMS series. The Netware Loadable Module (NLM), WANVisible, in NetWare servers, provides monitoring of the 3512 NMS and digital circuits.


Packaging of the 3512 also offers flexibility with 1, 2, or 4-port standalone or nest card versions. For space savings at the central site, the 3512 is rack mountable.


A variety of operating modes allow the 3512 DSU/CSU to respond to user network requirements for optimum operating efficiency. As digital networks evolve, the 3512’s support for multiple digital services and speeds will allow it to adapt to changing needs without requiring costly upgrades.

Based on the Motorola 68000 microprocessor, the 3512 supports a broad range of digital applications, including:

  • 2 and 4 port point-to-point/multipoint Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) options to reduce line and equipment costs
  • Supports all major digital leased line services; DDS/DDS II Secondary Channel to 56Kbps and 64Kbps Clear Channel
  • Non-disruptive network management via Motorola 9000 series Open Management System (OMS) ensures rapid fault isolation (3512 NMS)
  • IBM NetView network management (3512 NMS)
  • Unattended remote configuration, testing and monitoring through remote front panel
  • Integral V.32bis or 4-wire Switched 56 restoral options for continuous transmission
  • Intergral A/B switch for restoral via 2-wire DatPath SW56/64, ISDN BRI or V.34 class modems (3512 with 2/4 port options)
  • Point-to-point and multipoint rate adaption
  • Standalone or rack-mountable configurations

Part Number Description
TEL-49151 3512 1-Channel, SA, 2.4-64K w/NMS
TEL-49154 3512 4-Channel, SA, w/PP, TDM
3512 Rackmount
Part Number Description
TEL-49175 3512 1-Channel, RM, 2.4-64K
TEL-49178 3512 4-Channel, RM, 2.4-64K w/PP
3512 Mini Nest
Part Number Description
TEL-48015 16-Slot Mini Nest with 110/120/220/240VAC