A fully featured platform for backup, recovery, and business continuity for local, virtual, and Cloud environments.


  • All in one Platform
  • Backup and Restore
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
  • Ransomware Protection

Backup, Restore, and ContinuityGet the 3 most important elements of data protection in a single fully integrated SIRIS package.

Backup capture and verification, backup restore, and a complete virtual host for business continuity are all included in SIRIS. Together, these elements enable customers and partners to quickly deploy SIRIS, capture a backup, and be protected from a full disaster scenario in minutes. No additional work required.

Network Attached StorageEasily provision capacity on the SIRIS 3 appliance to serve as shared NAS file storage or as IP block storage with iSCSI.

For customers, accessing business data is not limited to collecting and managing backup images of workstations and servers.

Files are also a critical source of business data, and SIRIS includes an embedded NAS feature for creating file shares on the local network and sharing them via Samba, AFP, NFS, FTP, SFTP, and web browsers. Of course, any files stored on the NAS will be protected and backed up to the Datto Cloud according to the local snapshot and offsite synchronization settings.

eDiscovery SoftwareFind keywords within your backup data in an easy to read format.

Powered by the industry-leading Kroll Ontrack software, SIRIS eDiscovery Software is compatible with dozens of file formats and systems, including Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, and SQL.

Sync and ShareAccess files on SIRIS 3 from anywhere using desktop or mobile clients and synchronize changes to keep files up to date. All while storing in their local infrastructure rather than relying on a public cloud.

Over the past few years, file sync and share has become as synonymous with business collaboration as network file shares. For this reason, the SIRIS 3 platform includes an own Cloud instance. With a few clicks the application is installed, registered and available on web browsers, desktop sync clients and mobile devices.

Hybrid Cloud ProtectionSIRIS 3 provides workstations and servers with local data protection and is automatically and securely transmitted to the secure Datto Cloud, which provides remote data protection and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS).

One challenge with protecting business data wherever it lives is ensuring rapid, responsive and secure protection for business infrastructure in disaster scenarios large and small. To do this in a low-TCO integrated platform requires the ability to expand capacity on demand, and to securely connect this capacity back to the protected business so it can be accessed.

Easily Automate and Quickly DeliverUsers lose files by deleting them, overwriting them, or when hardware fails. With SIRIS, simply schedule regular backups for a device.

If you need to recover files, a few clicks in the intuitive SIRIS portal and Backup Insights™ will generate a list of files for comparison between backups. A few more clicks will restore specifically the files you are looking for to the current running device. No more guessing, booting images or digging through command lines. With SIRIS, restoring files is fast and easy.

Image Agents for Linux, Mac, and Windows DevicesUse first of a kind Linux and Mac agents, as well as Windows agents for scheduling and executing desktop image backups with the local SIRIS device.

These can be installed on any virtual or physical workstations and servers running these operating systems.

Hybrid Virtualization OptionsIf a business experiences a server failure, the protected systems can be virtualized instantly on the Datto device or in the secure Datto Cloud.

With its systems virtualized, the business can operate “as usual” until it has the time to fix the issue, without compromising any data or incurring any downtime

Inverse Chain TechnologyDatto’s proprietary Inverse Chain Technology enables a faster and more resilient backup process, and makes a 5-minute backup frequency possible.

Since each backup is a fully bootable virtual machine, there is no need for complex, time-consuming conversion processes before performing a restore as there is no backup chain to process. Traditional backup technology takes an initial full system backup, and then records the changes in a linked list. Two problems arise with this method: the chain can become corrupted, corrupting the entire backup, and backups have to be sequentially processed on restore.

Inverse Chain solves this problem, leveraging ZFS and Datto proprietary technology to create fully constructed images, each individually ready to boot, avoiding backup chains and at restore time construction altogether.

Backup InsightsIdentify file and application changes between any two backup points, recovering files and applications directly from the interface. In a matter of seconds, you can see and select files to restore in an easy to read file tree.

Sometimes data protection means only needing to recover a single accidentally deleted file. In these cases, the power of a complete image backup can be overshadowed by the need to boot the image to get at the files and find what is needed.

With Backup Insights, a click of a button boots the image, analyzes the changed files, and provides an easy to view side by side comparison of what has been modified, created, or deleted between any two backups.

Simply select the files to restore and click a button to get them back through the web interface, or as a network mounted file system.

Agentless Snapshot Backup

For VMware environments, agentless protection enables fast and easy pairing of any number of VMware systems or templates.

SIRIS 3 can protect servers in this environment without any manual intervention with the protected server. Simply select the agentless option when initially configuring SIRIS for these servers.

Image-Based Backup

Datto uses image-based backups to capture a complete picture of a protected workstation or server.

These fully constructed images boot quickly on recovery, and can be migrated from physical to virtual machines (P2V) or vice versa, all with a click of the button.

End-to-End Encryption

All data is protected by AES-256 encryption both in transit and in the cloud.

Users have the option to encrypt data locally, and passphrases can be specified per appliance or per protected machine.

Flexible Retention Policy

Choose from among the industry’s most flexible retention options for cloud storage.

Keep protected data until storage capacity is met, select a time based retention window or leverage the new infinite cloud storage model. Right size the retention options based on what is best for your business.

First response after attackWhen disaster strikes, you need to act fast! Get more than just one server back up and running; virtualize your entire Infrastructure with the click of a few buttons.

Combine local and cloud infrastructure to boot an entire office on the local SIRIS, or hybrid via Datto’s secure cloud, and be back up and running as fast as the images can boot. Once the crisis is past, SIRIS makes it easy to get back to normal operations.

Boot with a single clickSIRIS provides image based backups that can be booted directly from the SIRIS device with the click of a button.

When infrastructure fails, business comes to a grinding halt. Replacement hardware takes time to order and install, infrastructure needs to be rebuilt, and backups need to be parsed and applied. This can take hours or days, even with a good backup solution. But when business is down, every second counts.

Advanced Screenshot VerificationGet a sense of security that a server has been properly constructed as a bootable image with a screenshot or take it to the next level with additional verification options.

While a screenshot does provide a sense of security that a server has been properly constructed as a bootable image, we have taken it to the next level with additional verification options. Datto now offers script execution to further ensure a backup is viable.

Need to know if a database is corrupted, or if a service is running? Create a script, upload it to SIRIS, and each screenshot verification will run the script against the latest image. Don’t just think a backup is viable, know it is with advanced screenshot verification.

Diskless RestoreUse the diskless restore function to boot an image from the SIRIS on a physical server mounting the software image from the SIRIS

When a machine fails, it is often the hard drive that caused the problem. This leaves a perfectly good workstation or server waiting on a new storage system. Rather than wait, get the server back to work quickly using all of the resources on hand, while continuing to protect business data.

Point in time rollbacksThe only sure way to resolve a ransomware attack is to roll back the affected systems to make it as if it never happened. SIRIS, with point in time rollback, is designed to recover from just these scenarios.No matter how hard you try, someone that depends on you for support will eventually get an email that convinces them to open a file and infect their PC with ransomware.The compromised machine will then encrypt user files and demand a ransom for the key to unlock the system. Worse, the threat will often spread across the network and infect other machines, seriously impacting the business. Of course, paying the ransom may not solve the problem. Using SIRIS, with the click of a few buttons, it can be as if the ransomware never happened. Say goodbye to ransomware, and hello to simple preventative measures provided by SIRIS.

Instant VirtualizationIn a disaster recovery scenario, seconds matter. Leveraging fully constructed “copy on write” snapshots, SIRIS can boot images in as little as 6 seconds.These images can be virtualized locally on the SIRIS or in the Datto Cloud, where a VPN is automatically initiated back to the local SIRIS and the VM is made available on the local network, accessible via RDP.