Smart Analog Loop-Back Network Interface Unit

                                             by Electro Arts Limited
 Efficient Compact Design
 Typical Application
Eff Compact Design
Typ Application
 On-Network 4-Wire Leased Line
Off-Network 4-Wire Leased Line
on network
off netwrk 4 wire
 Remote Management by DVACS
Remote mgt DVACS

  • Analog Network Interface & Isolation Unit
  • Line-side 2713MHz-Triggered Set/Clr Loopback
  • Momentary Local Loopback Button
  • C.O.-Triggered Auto-Equalization
  • Manual-Trigger Auto-Equalization Option
  • Extended-Range Equalizer (309B+)
  • Wetting (sealing) Current Support
  • Ops-Channel for DVACS Internal Commands
  • Auto End-to-End Link Test at Power-up
  • Embedded DVACS Remote Test Option
  • Embedded Test Set for Local Testing
  • Remotely Detectable CPE Power Fail Indicator
  • 600 Ohm Line and Drop Interfaces
  • Line Receive Range: 40dB

  • Compact Form Factor
  • Height: 1.75”
  • Width: 6”
  • Depth: 8.5”
  • Power: 12V/200mA AC Adapter
  • Wall-mount or Desktop
  • Remote Management via DVACS NMS

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