6 Circuit Smart, 4-Wire Analog Transfer Card

by Electro Arts Limited
Functional Layout of Card
Functional Layout
Feature List and Details
Available Options
  • 6 A/B transfer switches
  • Use on 4-wire analog circuits
  • Passive Circuit Paths
  • Bifurcated gold crossbar relays
  • High-reliability at low dB levels
  • Not designed for switching RS-232
  • Mechanical relays
  • Maintain state during power failures
  • Maintain path during power failures
  • One switch controls cluster of cards
  • Eighteen cards / BX19 shelf
  • 108 Transfer switches
  • 324 4-wire circuits
  • Stand alone operation at card level
  • Manual Switch and LEDs on front
  • Optional remote control
  • Individual circuit transfer
  • Bulk circuit transfer
  • Optional Metallic Test Head
  • Optional 8-pin RJ-45 back plane
  • Quick installs
  • Reduce need for frame blocks
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