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Whether you have a developing grassroots idea, or an existing product effort that is ready to go to scale production, give us a call to discuss how this small, American-made specialty products and services company can be your long term working partner to get your solution to market faster and professionally developed complete with a custom designed post install support relationship.  
With over three decades of industrial electronics manufacturing experience serving a world wide customer base, we have custom engineered a wide range of successful product development and project driven systems integration projects spanning the Gas, Electric, and Water Utility sectors, DoD, Aviation Rail, and Transit industries. 
From custom designed specialty communications sub assemblies to kitted, tested, pre-configured and private labeled, ready to install turnkey systems shipped directly to customer sites, we have leveraged our skilled team of talented professionals and our complete in house MRP capabilities to meet the needs and requirements of our large and small customers. 
  • Product Development

  • UL Certification

  • Fabrication

  • Worldwide Shipping Logistics

  • Contract MRP/ERP Resources

  • Product Testing

  • Process Development

  • Sub Assembly Materials Outsourcing

  • Documentation

  • Staging and Kitting

  • Assembly and Kitting

  • Hot/Cold Room Testing & Certification

  • Performance  Modeling/Benchmarking

  • Warehousing

  • Depot Repair and Servicing

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